Monday, March 25, 2013

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Malakai is a happy, go- lucky, intuitive, and independent 2 year old with a long road ahead of him.

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At about 1 year of age, we started noticing that Malakai wasn't doing things that the doctors thought he should be able to do. That's when it all started. We were out to Dallas for a gastroenterologist, we were in Dallas for a genetics doctor, we were in Lubbock for an Autism screening, we got him enrolled in speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. All of his genetics and gastro came back normal. His autism screening showed he was moderately autistic. His therapy showed he was at a 9 month old level developmentally when he was 15 months old. It also showed he had a sensory processing disorder. After a lot of brushing, therapy, sensory projects, etc. we seem to have his sensory issues handled to an extent. After he received ankle braces because his legs were knocking and ankles were rolling in, he started walking!!! He had just turned 2 and this was a huge step for us! Because of this his physical therapy dropped down to 1 day a week while the others stayed at 2 days a week.

As of November 6, 2012-

He does PT 1x a week, OT 2x a week, ST 2x a week. I am working to go see a different autism specialist in Denton, get another follow up with the gastro, get him ABA therapy, get him equine therapy, get him an autism specialist, get him enrolled in ECI and early head start. We also just learned that he will start school in August!! He still can not talk, although we have an appointment tuesday to get his ears flushed and inquire about tubes!=] He still has a lot of issues eating, and doesn't communicate much at all. He doesn't point or play with much correctly. He has just learned how to dance (wiggle), and stack blocks!! He just let me brush his teeth and cut his nails last week, which is HUGE!!! Our goals are to improve fine motor skills, eating skills, and lessen the amount of hitting others.

As of March 25, 2012-

He visits West Texas Rehab for: PT 1x a week, OT 2x a week, ST 2x a week. He also gets OT, ST, and SST from ECI. He still rides horses when we get the chance. We are getting new braces, and seeing neuropsych, genetics, and child study center in April. His ears are well, MRI was normal, and eyes are great! We did learn that he has joint laxity and oral hyposensitivity. So he also receives feeding therapy. He still has issues with eating, chewing, and playing correctly. He signs more, please, and all done, and SPEAKS all done!!! Thats right, he has a word!!!

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