Parenting Tips & Tricks

Fill glove with beans, pearled barley, or warmed up rice, etc. This is such a wonderful tool. The amount  of times the kids have made me fall asleep with them and I had no way to escape without them feeling me move. They'd jump up from a dead sleep every time! I will definitely test out this glove! Be sure that the glove is sewn shut=p

Such a superb list! Who knew that juice boxes had tabs that kids can hold? I sure didn't! My kids are known for taking the box and squeezing it. Not anymore! ;-)

Want to stop the fighting over who gets which game piece? Everyone gets their own, personal play piece now!

Simply take a picture of each family member, laminate the pictures, cut them out, and put them in a binder clip!

ABC's of Crazy says you can even use them in block centers and dollhouses!!

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