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So cute for spring! Parents can cut shapes and older kids can help piece them together and glue them down. Younger children can be assisted for adding glue drops=] I do see how this project can look more like a hurricane, esp with boys like mine, but super cute idea=]

This is one of those crafts that I think kids could help with more than one part! Parents, or teachers, can cut the large white circles from craft paper, and allow kids to glue on cotton balls=] The adult can help smaller children make foot prints and handprints, and then cut them out when dry. Older kids could probably handle that=]] Allow kids to help glue their prints to the bunny's body, and add precut pipe cleaners for whiskers, a button nose, and goggly eyes=]

I absolutely love hand print and foot print art, so I was stoked when I found these for Easter=]

Check out these adorable bunny masks!

All you need is:

*White card stock
*Pink construction paper
*Cotton balls
*Either an elastic string, or paper band
*Something for whiskers: cut paper, cute ribbon, cute string, etc.

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