Play Time Activity Ideas

I absolutely love eye spy bottles! I did as a child too=] I think it is great how personalized they can be. You can use just about anything in the bottle, toys, erasers, beads, etc. and hide them with things like sand or rice. Be sure to attach pictures of whatever you've hidden, so kids know what to search for=] These are much like the sensory bottles too, so you can make bottles for different colors, holidays, or events! These are wonderful for those long shopping trips and car rides too ;-) 

Such a cute idea! I love that they can play and have fun, while cleaning their toys! That's one way to kill 2 birds with one stone! I think this would work with different toys and soaps, too! You could try plastic animals and have the kids make them swim. Or even things like beads, or marbles, and a scoop. You could also try different scented soaps, such as lavender to help them relax before bedtime=] 

Sticky Spider Web

I love this. One of the things my son works on in therapy is throwing. I think this is an activity that would give them exercise and joy! Practice throwing, throwing at a specific target, catching if they fall, jumping, throwing at different distances, and learning about "stickiness"for the younger ones!

I found this awesome scented play dough over at:

This is wonderful! What kid doesn't love play dough, but if you can add scents that calm and sooth your kids, how much better does that make it!

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